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Welcome to the VIP Section of Ok, Cure Me! 

Your loyalty does not go unnoticed, everything below is how we say thank you for your custom!





Get rid of your physical loyalty cards! Our new ‘Star Reward’ Scheme tracks who you are by your phone number – which is securely stored. So each payment you make you will automatically be rewarded a star. Spend £15 to collect them and each 6th visit you will receive a special treat. Ranging from discounts to free treatments, But that’s not all… 



We are all about feeling special on your birthday!

With your VIP status, you can redeem 15% off your treatments every year in the week leading up to or your birthday week.  



For every new friend that you introduce to the salon, we will give you both 15% off the 1st treatments you have booked after being referred. Your ‘Special friend’ code has been added below so you can pass this onto your friends easily. All they have to do is reference the code when booking and you will instantly both receive 15% off. (Can only be used once per new friend)



Choose your bi/weekly / monthly appointment slot. It will be the same time and day/date every time so you’re in the diary with your guaranteed slot. – This is optional. 

Christmas priority! You can’t be a VIP without a Christmas treat; we’re giving you first dibs to get booked in the Christmas diary. Our diary will be open early to VIP’s only to make sure we get those festive nails looking fabulous!

In fact you’re a priority all year round so we’re throwing in queue jumps on the cancellation list. If we see your name we will prioritise your appointment above everyone else on the list. 



As our VIP you’re bound to have one of our cuticle pens right? Well, we will fill it up for free for as long as you have your tube!




Finally, a constant discount on all retail in the salon!

If you have your VIP card you have unlimited access to 10% off all retail products!




Birthday discount can only be used the week leading to and during the week of your birthday and cannot be saved for a later date – or transferred. 

Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers/discounts.

The newbie discount can only be used on full price treatments, not any other offer.

5th appointment treatments are completely random and chosen by the system, these cannot be changed. 

Feel free to cancel or stop your subscription at any time. 

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